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Why You Should Consider Laser Treatment
Why You Should Consider Laser Treatment

Discover all the benefits that laser treatment offer the health of your feet. While many foot issues can easily be handled with at-home care as prescribed by our Warminster and Newtown, PA podiatrists Dr. Howard Shapiro and Dr. Jack Gorman, there are some instances that may ...

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  • Stress Fractures: Don't Put Off Painful Foot Injuries

    Symptoms and Treatment of Stress Fractures Stress fractures are notoriously misdiagnosed and undertreated. In many cases, symptoms may persist for an ...

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  • Healthy Feet for Active Kids

    The feet of children grow and change rapidly during their first year, reaching almost half their adult foot size. Most changes in children’s feet are ...

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  • Could Prolotherapy Help Me?

    Anyone who follows professional sports has probably heard of the benefits of regenerative medicine treatments like prolotherapy for orthopedic ...

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  • Toenail Fungus: Signs You Have It and How To Treat It

    Learn the Signs & Symptoms of Toenail Fungus Some tell-tale signs of toenail fungus include nails that are dry, crumbling, are turning dark in color ...

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