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At Bux-Mont Foot & Ankle Care Center, our highly experienced team can perform a bunionectomy, or a surgical bunion treatment for patients in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Depending on your specific case, the type of surgery will depend on the severity of the deformity and structural changes caused by the bunion. Bunions can be painful due to chronic irritation from shoe gear and may also cause pain from a misalignment of the big toe joint.

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What Are Bunions?

Bunions are progressive joint deformities that form abnormal bony protrusions generally on the base of your big toe. The root cause of the issue lies in an unstable joint within the metatarsal bone foundation. When a shift of weight or the unbalancing of the big toe forces the bone to lean out of alignment, creating the signature bunion eyesore of a bump protruding out the side of the toe.

Poor alignment from bunions can also cause premature wearing of the joint lining or cartilage, the big toe pointing toward the second toe, creating a hammertoe.

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

When conservative treatments are not effective, we will recommend a bunion surgery ("bunionectomy"). Although a bunion may not require any surgical or medical treatment, it may be necessary to visit a podiatrist if you are experiencing pain in your big toe area that will not go away.

Other symptoms of a severe bunion that may require surgical treatment include the following:

  • Decline in mobility of your big toe or entire foot
  • Shoes that won’t fit
  • Issues in other toes

What Does Bunion Surgery Involve?

A range of medications, application of ice packs, shoe inserts or padding may all relieve the discomfort of a bunion for early treatment. Surgery or advanced treatment may be required if your bunion is more than mildly deformed. The type of surgical procedures chosen to correct bunions will ultimately depend on your case. General guidelines of types of bunion surgery are:

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe
  • Arthritic Bunion
  • Big Toe Joint
  • Post-surgery Care

After the surgery, we will bandage your foot and ask you to wear a postoperative shoe for three to four weeks. The amount of activity the patient can do will depend on the type of surgery he or she has undergone.

In case of a moderate to severe bunion where the bone is cut, it may be held in place with the help of an internal screw, pin, or absorbable rod. In these cases, our podiatrist may recommend the use of a slipper or leg cast for four to six weeks.

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Patient Reviews

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  • “The doctors at Bux-Mont Podiatry have been fantastic!! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dr. Rajcyz and Dr. Shapiro and I have not been disappointed!┬áIn addition, the office staff is tremendously kind, generous, and helpful!”

    - Dora
  • “I've been prone to ingrown toenails, I've gone through multiple podiatrists and painful expensive procedures, but Dr. Shapiro has the most efficient and painless removal process. I haven't had an ingrown toenail since 2016.”

    - Christina
  • “The staff and physicians at Buxmont Foot & Ankle are amazing. The staff are compassionate, friendly, and went out of their way to keep me informed every step of the procedure. The doctor also made the treatment process simple.”

    - Sarah

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