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Amniotic Fluid Injections for Foot Pain

Southeastern Pennsylvania Podiatrists

Amniotic fluid injections are an innovative treatment for foot and ankle pains that can eliminate the need for steroids or surgery. In this treatment, amniotic stem cells are injected near damaged tissues and help them regenerate. Unlike other treatments which destroy damaged tissue or attempt to cover pain, this treatment can actually heal the area and has proven effective for patients with arthritis.

It should be noted that amniotic stem cells are different from embryonic stem cells—which are at the center of the stem cell debate. Amniotic stem cells are extracted from an amniotic sac in a simple process that does not harm an embryo. The use of amniotic stem cells has not raised ethical or moral questions the way that embryonic stem cells have.

How it Works

The wonder of stem cells is that they can replicate the properties of cells near them. This means that a group of stem cells injected into an arthritic ankle can repair the damage done by this disease by regenerating healthy tissue. The injection of healthy cells will also stimulate further healthy cell production in the area.

Highlights of amniotic fluid injections:

  • A natural anti-inflammatory agent that does not contain steroids
  • Can prevent the need for surgery
  • Stem cells stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms, there no risk of patient rejection
  • Can repair injured ligaments and tendons
  • An effective treatment for osteoarthritis

Find Out if Amniotic Fluid Injections Are Right For You

Many ligament and tendon injuries can be treated with amniotic fluid injections. If another podiatrist has recommended surgery for your foot or ankle pain, it would be in your best interests to ask about amniotic fluid injections. Bux-Mont Foot & Ankle Care Centers offer this treatment to patients throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. We can assess your foot pain and help you decide if amniotic fluid injections would be a suitable alternative to steroids or surgery. We also provide treatment for Achilles Tendinitis or Fungal toenails! Call today!

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  • My problem no longer exists!

    “I went to see Dr. Howard Shapiro for help with my feet. After explaining my issue to Dr. Shapiro, he suggested that I try custom orthotics. WOW!! My problem no longer exists! Dr. Shapiro and his staff are a warm, caring, professional group. I heartily give them a 5 star rating and urge anyone with any podiatric concerns to make an appointment and go see them!”

    Carol B.

  • Incredible Improvements

    “I had laser treatment performed by Dr. Gorman a few weeks ago and am already seeing incredible improvements. The staff was friendly and Dr. Gorman was friendly and pleasant.”


  • My Problem No Longer Exists!

    “It seemed as though my ankles were collapsing when I was on the treadmill. After explaining this to Dr. Shapiro, he suggested that I try custom orthotics. WOW!! My problem no longer exists! Dr. Shapiro and his staff are a warm, caring, professional group o”


  • Love this place!!!!

    “They're the best!!!”

    Dro A.

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    “Dr. Shapiro treated me with minimal pain and the warts were gone in a couple of weeks! I never had to come back for more than 3 treatments! Everyone in the office is extremely helpful, friendly, and experienced!”