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Walking Without Arch Support Could Lead to Back Pain
Walking Without Arch Support Could Lead to Back Pain

The results of a new study conducted by Marian Hannan and colleagues at the Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston suggest that walking or standing with flat feet may cause lower back pain in women. Data drawn from test subjects who were asked to walk ...

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  • Present-day Training Shoes Prove to be Not So Beneficial for Your Kids Feet

    Old-fashioned plimsoll shoes were extremely prevalent years ago. Nevertheless, you do not see the smooth soles that are on those shoes in any of the ...

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  • New Techniques Available for Analyzing Risk of Getting Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Using new computer-based methods, doctors in the UK have developed a way to predict an individual’s risk of contracting rheumatoid arthritis. ...

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  • Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis Can Be Escalated By the Warm Weather

    Summertime is the season to expose the feet for many people. For others, however, the summer is not the ideal weather to enjoy the latest trends. This ...

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  • Mattress Springs May Help Cushion Runners from Incurring Injuries

    Researchers in the U.K created a design for sneakers that utilizes tiny springs typically used in mattresses to grip the shock when the foot strikes ...

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  • Children Run Risk of Stress Fractures From High Concentration Sports Training

    A sport for many children is essential during childhood and is an enjoyable physical activity while staying fit and healthy. However, young athletes ...

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  • Prevention and Proper Care is Key to Battling Toenail Fungus

    Feet don’t really get the attention it deserves. Therefore, we tend to abandon care and treatment, leaving room for problematic conditions in the ...

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  • Proceed With Caution When Using Ankle Weights

    Ohio State University physical therapist Matt Briggs cautions against the use of ankle weights during exercise. Ankle weights are designed to increase ...

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