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6 Ways To Prepare Your Feet For Spring

Feet outdoor during Spring

6 Ways To Prepare Your Feet For Spring

Spring is the perfect time to give your feet extra love and attention so they can feel their best when the warm weather hits. Whether you’re looking to prevent blisters, ease discomfort from wearing new shoes, or keep your toes healthy and happy, we’ve rounded up six simple steps to prep your feet for the season ahead!

1. Invest in Quality Shoes

First and foremost, investing in quality shoes is key to avoiding discomfort and soreness. Make sure you choose a pair that fits correctly, with enough room for your toes and plenty of cushioning around the heel area.

2. Start Exfoliating

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s important to start exfoliating your feet at least once a week with a foot scrub or pumice stone. This will help remove any dead skin built up over the winter months and leave your feet smooth and silky soft.

3. Moisturize Regularly

After exfoliating, a rich foot cream or lotion will help keep your skin hydrated throughout spring. Massage in lotion with particular attention paid to areas that are especially dry or cracked – you’ll be amazed by how much softer they feel afterward!

4. Trim Your Toenails

Trim your nails straight across so they are even with the tip of each toe – don’t forget to keep them short on both sides too! Filing down sharp edges after trimming can also help prevent ingrown nails from forming later in the summer months.

5. Soak & Wax Away Dead Skin

To help buff away any lingering hard skin, try soaking your feet in warm water for several minutes beforehand, then applying a waxing strip quickly before it cools off - this should make it easier for them to glide away without pulling out gently on each strip as you go along!

6. Schedule A Pedicure

Finally, why not treat yourself with a pedicure? Not only will this help keep your nails looking neat, but it also gives you a chance to relax and unwind with expert massage techniques used during treatment - all while having fun experimenting with different colors of polish, if desired!

Professional Podiatry Services in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Preparing your feet for spring can be simple and straightforward. If you or someone you know is experiencing foot discomfort, please see us at Bux-Mont Foot & Ankle Care Centers. Our team of experienced specialists is ready and waiting to provide the highest quality care! Call us at (215) 392-4009 or complete our online form!
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