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Injured Joe Saunders Gets New Medical Rehabilitation Position

Injured feet

Joe Saunders’ foot injury has forced the Rangers to put him on the DL, but the team plans to keep him pitching by giving him a medical rehabilitation assignment. Once his foot gets better, he could return as a reliever. This may not be very appealing to Saunders, who has been a starter since day one, but he might have to make the sacrifice if wants to continue playing for the Rangers.

"The spot right now we have is in the bullpen," stated Jon Daniels, Texas’ General Manager. "He sees himself as a starter but that's the spot we have open."

Rehabilitation is often the best option for sports players struggling to recover from injuries. If you are an athlete who has hurt your foot or ankle, consider seeing a podiatrist like Dr. Jack B. Gorman, DPM of Buxmont Foot and Ankle Care Centers. Dr. Gorman will thoroughly check out the damaged area and help you decide if you would like to pursue physical rehabilitation.

Foot Rehabilitation for Athletes

Recovery is vitally important to injured athletes, for if they cannot recover, they cannot play the sports they love. Podiatrists and physical therapists are essential in the consultation process as well as in developing the best plan of action to return the athlete to the field. However, having a reliable, professional, and dedicated process of rehabilitation is just as serious as the injury itself; a component that cannot be overlooked in the healing process.

Sports Therapist or Physical Therapist?

Athletes in particular come by with this question all the time---or may not know enough to ask the right questions. A sports therapist is very much athletically-focused, the goal being to return the athlete to the game as quickly as possible. Proper healing is emphasized because if an athlete returns to their game before the injury is healed, they could aggravate or worsen their condition.

Physical Therapy is the Key

Every athlete understands the inherent risk in stepping on to the field of their chosen game. When an injury is incurred, physical therapy attempts to return athlete’s to their original level of health.

For more information about Foot Rehabilitation for Athletes, follow the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact our office located in Newtown and Warminster, PA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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