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Prolotherapy is a technique used to treat chronic pain around joints and ligaments by injecting a small amount of concentrated dextrose solution into the painful area designed to produce inflammation in the affected tissue which then stimulates the body to repair the painful area. As the inflammation resolves healing occurs, which can result in decreased pain and improved stability. Prolotherapy rapidly aids in the production of soft tissue repair of the body which stimulates the immune system's own healing mechanism. The new collagen and cartilage strengthens and restores joints and supporting soft  tissue reducing  or  eliminating  many different types of pain.  Unlike injections of corticosteroids, which also suppress inflammation and provide temporary relief, Prolotherapy injections are given over a course of several months and are meant to provide a permanent health benefit. In essence, Prolotherapy tricks the body into initiating a healing response. Prolotherapy has been found to be effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis,tendonitis/bursitis and osteoarthritis.

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